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As a bit of open-source programming and with incalculable designers making informal addon, it is not really astounding that Kodi clients can keep running into various distinctive mistakes. A standout amongst the most well-known ones is blending blunder. This blunder can frequently be discovered when attempting to stream a connection through an addon which connects to a stream from A comparable issue can likewise be experienced from different sources as well, for example, and It is a typical issue and one that is effortlessly settled. In this article, we will disclose what you have to do to settle TheVideo.Me Pair Error in Kodi.

It is very suggested that all perusers utilization of a VPN when gushing substance on Kodi, regardless of whether from sources like or some other informal addon. This is on the grounds that these addons can enable access to copyrighted substance, or, in other words a few sections of the world. Kodi is likewise open-source thus can now and then leave clients powerless against programmers as well. Many times, we face /pair error, now you can easily fix this error by following this guide.

Be that as it may, utilizing a VPN is a straightforward and reasonable approach to ensure yourself. A VPN scrambles the majority of your information and conceals your genuine IP Address as well. This will keep your information secure and your character mystery, so shielding you from programmers and copyright claims as well. 


Our suggested VPN for Kodi clients is IPVanish. It offers solid encryption and amazing security insurances which make it outstanding amongst other all-round suppliers available. It likewise conveys reliably quick association speeds which are ideal for internet gushing. 

IPVanish offers a 7-day unconditional promise which implies you have seven days to test it hazard free. If it's not too much trouble take note of that Addictive Tips perusers can spare a gigantic 60% here on the IPVanish yearly arrangement, bringing the month to month cost down to just $4.87/mo. 

What causes TheVideo.Me Pair Error in Kodi? 

TheVideo.Me match blunder is caused by a stream approval issue. Basically, locales like TheVideo.Me are connected to by various gushing destinations and Kodi addons and request can, in this way, be high. Subsequently, they require stream approval to keep high movement from over-burdening their servers. Clients are relied upon to visit TheVideo.Me matching site to approve their IP Address and this will enable them to stream from the site for four hours. Following four hours, they have to re-approve to continue viewing. 

How to settle TheVideo.Me Pair Error in Kodi? 

There are two principle ways that you can settle TheVideo.Me Pair Error in Kodi? Beneath, we will quickly clarify how each of these fixes functions: 

Coordinate Authorization 

When you experience TheVideo.Me Pair Error in Kodi, it will give a connection in the spring up window where you can approve your association. The most straightforward approach to settle the blunder is to open this connection in your internet browser. It will open up TheVideo.Me blending page where you simply need to click Activate Streamingto approve your IP Address to stream joins for four hours. On the off chance that you will utilize this technique, we unequivocally propose utilizing a VPN to keep your own IP Address covered up. VPNs clients should take note of that in the event that they switch IP Address, they should reauthorize their new IP Address as well. 

Impair Hosters with Captchas 

Another fix is to change the settings of your addon to impair it from getting to hosters with Captchas. This technique will prevent the addon from connecting to TheVideo.Me and different locales which require approval. This implies the quantity of accessible will be diminished, yet you will never again experience the blunder. To impair hosters with captchas, utilize the accompanying straightforward technique 

Right-tap on the addon and the then select Settings. 

Tap on the Playbacktab. Mostly down the menu you will see a hosters with captchas posting. Incapacitate this alternative at that point click OK to leave the settings menu. 


Unfortunately, there is no other method to get around TheVideo.Me Pair Error in Kodi other than quitting these connections all together or getting it done and consenting to approve your IP Address with the source site. Be that as it may, as long as you are utilizing a VPN, there is almost no hazard engaged with doing this. Also, given the various top notch streams accessible from destinations like TheVideo.Me and the sheer volume of Kodi addons which utilize them, it is a stage worth taking.